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The Independent Property Managers' Association (IPMA), is comprised of a group of non-REINZ affiliated Property Managers. The purpose of the Association is to provide a framework within which Independent Property Managers and Management Companies can work. This enhances the professional standing of the Independent Property Managers and provides protection for the public who choose to use them. Belonging to the Association also provides protection to Independent Property Managers as there is more political clout from a group than from individuals.


 The Aims of the Independent Property Managers’ Association

  • Provide a foundation for a national management structure which will give effect to the Mission Statement and the objects of The Constitution


  • Establish a national body for the IPMA and actively encourage the formation of district IPMA’s in all centres


  • Protect and promote the interests of Independent Property Managers, and the interests of the public, in relation to matters pertaining to property management and related subjects


  • Promote and encourage ethical conduct among the Members and other Property Managers


  • Provide ongoing educational opportunities and support to IPMA Members


  • Consider, promote and lobby for amendments to laws pertaining to property management and related subjects, and to initiate and lobby for law reform to meet the continuing change in the property industry and produce efficiency and effective outcomes to benefit IPMA Members and the public.


  • Encourage networking among IPMA Members in order to enhance the businesses of IPMA Members and their professional standing in the community
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